We all TALK about ‘Shopping Local’ but do we really do it?ย  Do we really believe in it?

We put the question out to Saskatoon and the response was overwhelming to say the very least!!

On December 17th , 2016 we put a contest on Facebook to draw for 2 Swag Bags that we had remaining from a “Shop Local” event.

To be entered to win you simply had to Private Message us “WHY” you feel supporting local is important & share one Facebook post.



Read for yourself!

ย  Thank you to each and everyone that took the time to write to us and outline why ‘Shopping Local’ remains important & who their favorite store in Saskatoon is!

We will be sure to share this information with all the stores you have reviewed.

Our ask would be that you share this information with your friends and family as a small reminder of all the wonderful places that others may not have been to yet or visited in quite some time.

Each purchase at a local store allows that store to continue to operate and source new product for all of us in Saskatoon!

Local business’s work hard at ensuring they are bringing in unique items throughout the year that you cannot find in the big box stores or online.

ย  AND if you can find it online- often the small local stores are selling a better quality for the same price- & most importantly with a SMILE to go along with it!

We at First Avenue Furnishings and The Mortgage Group on 1st Avenue thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us in 2016!ย  We look forward to working with you and your families in the New Year!


What a great contest to highlight local businesses! My favorite local store to shop at during Christmas time is the Saskmade market. All of my stocking stuffers are purchased here and I have been introduced to numerous great new snacks here. Shopping local not only supports entrepreneurs in Saskatoon, but the experience is much more personal and relaxing. They care about my satisfaction and spend time with me to ensure I am happy with my choices. I am excited to receive my new sectional from First Avenue Furnishings. I came in three different times and received great service each visit. Selecting a quality product is the base for me and I am now designing my entire room around it. Lights, paint and flooring are all based on this centerpiece. Great opportunity to support even more local companies!- Anne Gent

Merry Christmas to everyone taking time to read this message! This is why I love to support local business, there is someone or a team of passionate people who care about me. Period! (Add for emphases) I love both your store and Dutch Growers because of all the unique one of a kind carefully selected item in the store. Furthermore, I grew up in a small town and was always taught to help your neighbor, and to me that is what local business is! So good by to trillion dollar CEO’s that have never been to their stores and hello to smiling faces and fur babies at the store ๐Ÿ™‚-Marie Gee

Would love the swag bag! Bulk cheese warehouse is my favorite place to shop because I always find something interesting ๐Ÿ˜Š. Big fan of your store since I discovered it and ordered my couch and paintings. Keep up the good work! Melissa Back

I think small business’ are awesome because they usually offer great service because they want your business…its way more personable than a big box store.- Lana Stupnikoff

Hello, please accept this message for my entry into your “Local Business ” draw for swag bag๐Ÿ˜Š
I am a very big supporter of local business. I go out of my way to shop Dutch Growers, Broadway district, Farmers Market, local craft fairs, smaller locally owned businesses like yours. I believe it is import for us to support our own community/local stores to keep money/profits in our own communities. Local Entrepreneurs provide a different level of service and commitment to our communities and need our support to stay in business period. Their survival helps the whole community. My favorite local business right now is Authentic Brave Apparel. They have a very strong powerful message that fits all to well with a couple of families very close to my heart๐Ÿ’–
But the next time we are shopping for furniture we will definitely be in to see you๐Ÿ˜Š thanks for the opportunity & merry Christmas to you & your staff๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜ŠCharlene Altenberg

Our family gifts this year are to only buy local. First Avenue was definitely involved in our gift exchange. Have lots of favorite local businesses, but Hard Pressed clothing would be one for sure, and I love the positive clothing line (Authentic Brave) and all the other wonderful stuff at First Avenue!ย  Why support local, because it creates jobs in our area for more people. I love wearing Saskatchewan made clothing when traveling to represent us Saskatchewanians…- Tara Helms

ย The reason I buy local is to keep the profits here in Saskatoon for the hard working people who open up local businesses… With big box stores you mean nothing to them but the money you spend. Where buying local you know your money is going to put food on the table of the hard working man who run his own store. I have a little confectionery store where I live and it is run by an awesome family who at Christmas time gives out Christmas cards with scratch tickets to all of it loyal customers… (College park confectionery) they work hard and we love their little store๐Ÿ˜ŠVanessa Labatt Heimbecker

ย I strongly believe in shopping LOCAL because it supports my friends and family. And their friendly and family. It’s helping the neighbor build his rink in the back yard for the neighbor kids to come play. It’s supporting my community in supper for the homeless. It’s promoting helping children of the community. Shopping local means helping the smaller guy instead of the large corporations. I shop local because it supports my community. My favorite recent post from you was the SWAG bags for all the ladies. such a kind and generous thing to do. My favorite local store is Manos. They struggled building their business from nothing. They worked hard and built their business. They are an inspiration for all new comers to Canada and Saskatoon. They help the community through the food bank and donating large quantities of their famous lemon rice soup. And the RUH foundation is a major cause of theirs holding their Greek night every year.- Sonya Jan

Shopping local is important because you’re supporting the amazing talent that Saskatoon and area has. Shopping local also allows you to know exactly where your items are coming from and how they’re made. You even get to speak to the creators. That’s pretty cool! My favorite place is Escape sports. They have such cool gear and are beyond helpful. They also host some really great events. ๐Ÿ˜ŠKatherine Mercier

I enjoy dealing with Local businesses because I have always had customized service…And when issues arise it is much easier dealing with some one who has a stake in the success of the business. Being from PA, I shop both cities, what I can’t get in PA, I get in Saskatoon. I don’t know if I have a favorite in Saskatoon, but in PA, I have to say – Frontrunner Footwear-Tammy Froats

Authentic Brave Apparel is one of my favorite local businesses because I think they make quality products with inspiring, uplifting messages. I recently bought my daughter a shirt from them and it makes me Heart smile to see her in something that is bold and powerful and positive! I love shopping local because it gives me great pride to know such incredible products are created by people right here in our own city and I can show them off to all my friends and family across Canada. I love being able to put money in people’s pockets that are working hard to make our city a fun place to live and shop! By shopping local, we are telling the world Saskatchewan is creative and funky and people should come check out our great city and support these businesses and their unique products!- Jamie Craig

I love shopping local. I grew up with a Main Street of local shops of which my Dad owned one. It builds community and neighborhoods. I’m not sure I can pick a favorite local business because I love so many – each for their own personality! My last visit to First Avenue Furnishings was so fun and informative…the best customer service ever.-Kim Morrison

I love the fact that you are promoting local small business, I have a new small business of my own sometimes people forget about all the wonderful small business we have. My favorite small business in Saskatoon Bella Sante Cosmetic and Laser Clinic. They know both my daughter and myself by name and we are always treated like a queen and princess there. The best team ever!-Rhonda Rowlett Vogelgesang
I think buying local brings up the usually stated ideas of supporting the local economy, knowing the people that you buy from and the profits stay in the area you are from. To me it means more than that, it’s the care and attention to the needs of the customer that the local business pays. It’s the amount of time that is taken to know these needs of the customers and bring in goods that reflect that. They also have the ability to help source out items if someone needs that extra help finding and weird and wonderful items One of my favorite local stores is Glitch. Going into that store always brings a smile to my face, especially the oddity section.- Amanda Medvid

ย Hi I’m submitting my entry for why it’s important to support local businesses so the money stays locally for the family owned as well as operated businesses can manage to stay open rather than allowing local stores to close when people shop at the box box stores or online and my favorite local store is Dutch Growers as the selection is always awesome as well as the customer service.- Diane Dupuis

Our favorite Local business is EE burritos and Manrique is an awesome owner. Sadly since it has moved to Sutherland we have not been there yet but hope to soon.-Lorraine Peters

Why should we support local Saskatoon businesses? First and foremost we are supporting our neighbors and perhaps friends running their “mom and pop shop” and helping them achieve their dreams by contributing to their success. Secondly we are not just buying a product, we are showing our appreciation for someone’s hard work, and bravery for taking on the title and responsibility of an entrepreneur. We are not buying a corporate executive another BMW or lavish vacation, we are helping a family pay bills, put meals on their tables and their children through school as well as adding to their quality of life. In doing all this we receive personal attention that the chain stores cannot provide and a relationship that can go past the ring of a cash register. Keeping the money within the city helps this city prosper and encourages others to take a chance and start a business. As my husband and I had our own business for a season I know the hard work and long hours that go into running a business and the fulfillment of building a loyal clientele who help you grow your business. Seeing your customers happy with the goods and services you provide also gives a sense of accomplishment and drives you to do and be better for them as well as for yourself. This is how communities were built and prospered long before chain businesses were the norm. When it comes to coffee shops I’ll choose the Broadway Roastery first because the coffee is always great and the kids love the “chocolate whipped cream” on their hot chocolates–which is REAL whipped cream not “whipped topping” which is the cheap alternative in chain coffee shops. It is also a great place to meet people and has a far greater variety of customers giving you a flavor of the city while you enjoy the flavors of freshly ground coffee.-Tammy Niemi Dingman



Hello merry Christmas! I love to shop as much as possible my absolute favorite place is Christine bakery they make amazing bread and sweets! I also love supporting local farmers by getting eggs and meats. Thanks for the chance to enter have a beautiful holiday. –Stacey Anderson

ย I’m writing to share my reasons for supporting local businesses wherever possible.
One of the things that seems to be slipping away in our world today is a sense of community. As we’ve moved to big box shopping, we seem to be losing the kind of personal interactions that keeps us connected to other individuals in our community. When I walk into a business, even if it’s my first time, I want to be met with warmth and real interest while I am there. I don’t find this very often in the big box environment, perhaps because the employees don’t feel like they are very valued as individuals by employers they have never met, and who don’t live here.
By contrast, local business owners ‘in the thick of it,’ side by side with their employees create a caring, family type atmosphere. This is definitely reflected in how I am treated when I shop there. I feel like my business is truly valued and my needs are considered thoughtfully.
I also really appreciate the way many owners of small local businesses get fully involved in specific local issues in a ‘boots on the ground’ way – and encourage and support their employees to do the same. Anyone can sell pins or teach cashiers to ask for donations at the till for one of the ‘big’ national causes. But the local businesses I most respect and admire go much deeper than that. They give of their hearts and their time to reach out in meaningful ways right here where we live, and I love that! I feel good knowing that when I do spend my hard earned dollars, it is to support that kind of giving, caring connection right here in our own community.
Three of my favorite local businesses (it’s very hard for me to pick one favorite, and even to narrow it to three!)
The Better Good – I love the way they reach out to support environmentally friendly and locally sourced products, which provides local entrepreneurs with a break in getting into the market.
Outter Limits – this local family owned business truly treats their employees like family, and have been putting together initiatives for people in need, (e.g. their winter coat drive) for several years now – and give their customers incentives to get involved as well.
First Avenue Furnishings – I have had the privilege of seeing firsthand how very very committed the owner is to sharing her time, knowledge, and support to one particular local not for profit. She exemplifies the spirit of giving back, and I admire and respect her very much for that! (Deb M.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’–)-Shelagh Trapp

ย I love some of our local businesses in Saskatoon. To personally help out someone who has started a business either to start their own or to hand down to family is great. Supporting local gives people jobs. If they did not have their own business possibly they would have no income. Anytime I can support someone local I do. I love Escape , those guys have done amazing. I also love to shop at Luxquisite Clothing. Those two ladies have done so well. Love supporting them. Nancy Durhams clothing has moved to Delisle, but use to shop at her store when she was in Saskatoon. The list goes on.-Marilyn Steer


Hello Friends at First Avenue Furnishings, WHY SUPPORTING LOCAL IS IMPORTANT TO ME:ย  Supporting local is the best way to shop!ย  I love supporting one-of-a-kind businesses that have distinctive character.ย  Small independent stores select unique products based on the needs and requests of their local market as opposed to large national chains.ย  Locally owned businesses recycle a much larger share of their revenue back into our local economy, enriching the whole community.ย  The Customer service is more personalized and hands-on. They often hire people with a better understanding of the products they are selling and take more time to get to know customers.Where we shop, where we eat and have fun — all of it makes our community home. Our one-of-a-kind businesses are an integral part of the distinctive character of Saskatoon.ย  My favorite local store in Saskatoon is First Avenue Furnishings.ย  I appreciate the distinctive home dรฉcor and fun fashion items (my sparkly, black, pom pom toque & Brave sweatshirt) all REASONABLY priced.ย ย  I asked how this is possible and it is because most items are purchased within CANADA. YAH!ย  I just shared those AMAZING new cushion covers on my fb page.ย  LUV THEM!-Alana McLennen

Hi, you are my most favorite store in Saskatoon. (First Avenue Furnishings) I love the bar stools I bought from you, they are WONDERFUL! I also like the coasters I have (2 sets) and wish you still carried them. I would buy more. I am sending this in the hopes to be entered into the contest you have right now. Thank you.ย  I think it is very important to support businesses in Saskatoon, when we keep our dollars here it helps boost our economy and also provides people with much needed jobs and income to help support their families. By the way Merry Christmas, may God bless you richly this coming year! ๐Ÿ™‚Rita J. Schmit

Buying local is huge in our home! When we support our local shops we support The community, Our city and mostly families. as an entrepreneur myself , when people support me it goes towards my little ones sports , school fees , Etc. Our fave shop to hit up has a variety of locals ….the farmers market !! โคโคTammy Digness

Shopping local is important because it supports the local, civic economy. It helps families that own businesses to thrive, instead of large corporations who already make millions if not billions. It also teaches our youth the value of business and doing business in their community.Rachelle Coleman

Merry Christmas! I think it’s important to shop locally because by doing so, you show support for your community and the small business owners! Many who are just like yourself looking to bring goods and services and hope to succeed at it. This makes people and places thrive, also lets you get to know all the different people who make your community shine! I like the local store Twig & Squirrel because it’s a cool little gift shop with neat things for everyone, and I love that they support local artists and their work by giving them a lil space to try sell there goods! Thanks and again merry Christmas ๐ŸŽ„Shar

I would LOVE to win the swag bag contest. After a long year of lots of heartache and pain it would be nice to have something to look forward too. Often people buy for others and forget about taking care of themselves this time of year… Shopping local is sooo important to support the hard working/earning people right here in Saskatoon, instead of supporting large corporations that are often not even nice to their employees. I have 2 favorite local shops. One is Little Bird Pastry and the second is you guys (First Avenue Furnishings). I had never been to your store before until by obsession with owls took me there. I purchased a lovely owl mat all for myself about a month ago. You guys have beautiful stuff in your store and i will be visiting more frequently. Thank you and Merry Christmas-Raelyn Gossen

A very Merry Christmas to each one of our clients or Facebook followers that took the time out of their busy day to send in these amazing reviews of truly amazing business’s in Saskatoon

We will be providing your warm words to each of these business’s! There is nothing better as an entrepreneur to hear warm words about our stores…it really warms our hearts and is the reason we stay inspired everyday to find the unique products that you need and want in your homes.

All the very best to you and your family in 2017!

-Tammy Wandzura, Deb Murdoch and Roxanne @ First Avenue Furnishings

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