Why do I shop local?

Although I have always been a “self employed” entrepreneur (Mortgage Broker) the thought of “shop local” did not resonate deeply until opening my own retail, brick and mortar shop.

When I built my Broker business I created relationships, nurtured them, built a client base, took care of those clients and the business seemed to take the next steps.

Owning a store in a market where everyone’s lives seem to be on fast forward; has completely changed my perspective forever on how we each need to support our community brick and mortar shops.

I LOVE shopping.  Clothing, home decor and furniture are all guilty pleasures.

Before opening First Avenue Furnishings I found I was scouring Saskatoon with regular stops to the big box stores and regular trips to other provinces and the US for “shopping trips” to fill my house and closet.

In the past 3 years I purposely source these same items that I was sourcing outside of Saskatoon here in the city and local area.

When I go to the lake I buy my groceries at the lake.  I book pedicures at the small spas at the lake and I support the chiropractor and restaurants.

The prices are the same as the city (or better) & the selection is the same

If I cannot find an item that I am looking for I ask.  Often times stores can special order in the item I need even if they don’t regularly stock it.  OR they will let you know what store may carry it.

We regularly send our clients to our “competitors” as we simply cannot access every product available & it really all comes down to ensuring the client is happy when they leave so that they return!

WHY am I really concentrating on this?  If these establishments are not supported they cannot survive.

As a province with a history of limited shopping and restaurant options…we must support these entrepreneurs who have poured their heart and souls into business’s that they feel the local area was lacking.

Generally the prices are the same and often better than the big box stores and major chains & the “experience” and customer service spectacular.

keep it local saskatoon

Saskatoon is flourishing with new districts & new areas that are being re-shaped and revitalized

New clothing shops and restaurants literally feel like they are opening overnight

With the Canadian dollar weaker than we have seen for many years… it simply is not a reality to do the big shopping trips to the US.

Your local retailers are working hard to find the unique and funky items that you are eagerly searching for!

Check out your favorite shop or restaurant on Facebook and Google plus- share the info with your friends….write a review!


Have an amazing end to your summer & come visit us at First Avenue Furnishings anytime; we would love to see you!

Tammy Wandzura/Owner(partner) First Avenue Furnishings