I have been thinking a lot about shopping local and what that REALLY means to the vast majority of people (myself included)

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It’s easy to say or think we shop local or want to shop local, but do we really do it?

I am the first to look for a deal when I am “in the market” for something.

I LOVE spending money – but I LOVE saving money and time even more.

We are in the day and age of doing all of our research online before we start heading store to store or business to business.

OR we simply research & find the product and buy online.  Whatever is easiest.


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It really does make sense.  We live in a fast paced world of technology & we often don’t have the time to go store to store.

I rely heavily on reviews (good and bad) of the companies or product I am researching.

Why am I writing this?

I caught myself (the owner of a small brick and mortar store) researching a new camera for an upcoming trip.  I researched all the stats, reviews and pricing online.  I then called my husband and told him that Future Shop, Best Buy and Walmart all have it for the same price- so it doesn’t matter where we get it.

He proceeded to call a local retailer (Don’s Photo in Saskatoon) who had the camera in stock, had knowledgeable sales staff and….the price was the same. (Kudos to him!!!)

I am embarrassed to think calling or going to Don’s Photo never even crossed my mind, even though we have purchased quite a few items from them in the past.

I was in a hurry & I knew what I was looking for.  The fact that this did not even cross my mind (an entrepreneur and owner of a small store), got me thinking about the vast majority of consumers.  Where do other people start researching and where do they end up buying when they are looking for a specific product?

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With the falling Loonie-SUPPORTING LOCAL- is more important than ever!

It used to be hard not to shop South of the border, with the vast number of online shopping sites, outlet malls, and amazing US cities to vacation and shop in.

With the Loonie dipping to all time lows we all have to consider keeping our spending in our own communities and really considering the impact that the falling dollar is having, not only on the consumer but on the retailers & small business.  Retailers that may have a lot of their supply being imported from the USA.  Not to mention the Loonie has fallen so quickly and so hard it has not given many retailers enough time to make adjustments such as finding new Canadian suppliers etc.

We have to remember that small business owners and entrepreneurs are not necessarily wealthy.  We are not lining their pockets when we decide to shop, dine or support a small “mom and pop shop”

These business owners and entrepreneurs had a dream, they saw a need or gap in the market- and they took a huge risk to sink a ton of their hard earned money and time into a business.

These small business’s generate employment in the province, pay tax dollars, bring product in to the city that may not be available locally etc. & you can generally get much better customer service at these smaller establishments.

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We are talking every industry from coffee shops & restaurants/pubs, to clothing and shoe stores, home decor and furniture stores, pet food & supply stores, convenience stores, bridal shops, home insurance companies, life insurance advisers, auto repair shops, mortgage brokers….every single industry.

There has been a lot of chatter in the last couple weeks about the “bubble” that Saskatchewan has been in.

When our partners to the West (Alberta & BC) were going through a terrible recession in 2008/2009 Saskatchewan came out rather unscathed and continued to strengthen with industry, housing values increasing, new migration and small business.

Saskatchewan still has many strengths that we can feed from.  One of the most important is seriously considering where you decide to support and shop.

By choosing a local business – you choose to have your hard earned money spent in our province.

That money goes back into the Saskatchewan economy & keeps our small business’s open,  during what could be a challenging year.

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What does First Avenue Furnishings do just a little different ?

When we had the dream of opening the store our entire goal was to find amazing product at every day prices!

We may look like a boutique store from the outside- but on the inside we have sourced many really fair priced items.

And over the years we have been lucky enough to source many Canadian wholesalers.  Knowing that the US dollar can fluctuate was something we considered when choosing the lines of product we decided to commit to.

Items you can still customize to be as unique as you and your home-without paying custom pricing.

And our service?  Top notch.

We understand that you are choosing to spend your hard earned dollars in our store and we will be there with you all along the way to make a decision that is best for your home.

Thank you for supporting First Avenue Furnishings in past years, and thank you for considering us as your first choice for home decor and furniture in 2016 and years to come.

From: Tammy, Deb & Roxanne

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