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New Candle Scents have arrived @ First Avenue Furnishings

Soy Candles with Cotton Wicks

We have been searching for the perfect candle. We had four criteria that we wanted to meet.
1. Friendly to the environment
2. 100% biodegradable
3. Maximize burn time thus better value for your dollar
4. Great Scent Throw

We found it.

We now have many different scents in stock in a variety of different sizes.

Current Scents may include (new stock and scents arriving regularly)

New scents have arrived!

Blueberry, Dreamsicle and Vanilla Lavender

Cranberry, Rain, Oatmeal Cookie, Coconut Cream, Maple, White Tea & Ginger

26 oz (2 wick) jarĀ  150+ burn hours $29.99
21 oz (1 wick) cyclinder 110 burn hours $29.99
18 oz (4 wick) square 90 burn hours $28.99
10 oz (1 wick) cylinder 50 burn hours $24.99